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Why I am running.

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I considered myself a Republican until mid-2016 and one thing I think we can all agree on, is, Government works best when it focuses on three things: what matters to you, preparing for what comes next, and providing the seed capital for solutions the private sector refuses to fund.  Our Legislature works best when a diversity of ideas, a commitment to fairness, a willingness to compromise, and a bias to action exist.  I bring this focus and these qualities to the legislative table, and this is why I want to be your State Senator.



As a CPA, I focus on finding practical solutions to my client’s needs.  During the 2016 primary, I discovered my focus was 180 degrees opposite from what your typical Republican primary voter cared about.  Since I am not to the far right of Atilla the Hun on social issues, I had no chance.  Your typical Republican primary voter had no interest in repairing or expanding roads much less addressing those everyday annoyances we put up with.  It was my turning point.


After the 2021 Legislative session ended, I looked back and studied the past two Legislatures’ accomplishments.  What I found bothered me.


  • A continued attack on local control.  The best decisions made are when the decision-makers experience the problem and must live with the solution.  Republicans say they believe that but toss that belief out the window when big money political interests and contributions are up for grabs.


  • Remember the great freeze of February 2021?  The power producers got paid – they announced record profits, all attributed to the Texas freeze.  What did we get?  Higher utility bills along with a still “broken” power grid. We must elect leaders who will put the well-being of the residents first. 


  • Republicans are determined to break public education.  They talk about public education, but actions are what really matter.  Republican actions, and especially their inactions, have led us to the abyss of a public education crisis.  And when it breaks, I believe Republicans will apply those “free-market solutions” advocated by the likes of Milton Freidman and the Koch brothers to “fix” Texas’ public education in a way that does not reflect the Texas constitution’s intent.  To paraphrase Ross Perot, that great sucking sound you are about to hear, is your tax dollars being siphoned away from your children and their schools. 


  • We should create our public policies.  Texas has more than its share of smart people.  Working together, I believe Texans can solve their own problems more effectively than outsiders can.  But Republicans do not share my belief.  Increasingly, their solutions come from model legislation drafted by the American Legislative Exchange Council.  All you need to know about this Council is it’s funded by the Koch brothers.